Processing your Probate advance has no effect on the Probate court process or Probate timeline at all. Once you have received you Inheritance cash advance from us, your estate will progress through Probate and conclude normally. The only difference is that you won't have had to wait all those months, even years, for the Estate in Probate to distribute.

A probate estate may have substantial assets, but all too often the heirs have to wait months or even years before the assets are distributed. Heirs need a way to convert a portion of their interest into cash they can use right now.

​​Unfortunately, most lenders will not accept probate estate interests as security for their loans. Worse yet, the heirs most in need of help are often those least able to qualify for a loan because of poor credit, lack of employment, or the inability to make regular loan payments.

​Worldmine takes a completely different approach. Instead of making a loan, we buy (“advance”) a portion of the heir’s interest in a probate estate at a discount. We are not concerned with low credit scores, employment status or lack of current income because we look to the probate estate for payment. An heir does not make any monthly payments because we are paid directly and in full from the probate estate upon distribution. The heir also incurs no liability if we suffer a loss from risks not known to the heir, such as unexpectedly large debts or litigation costs, loss in market value of estate assets, or the appearance of previously unknown heirs.​


Worldmine Financial purchases a portion of your Inheritance in Probate or a Trust fund for cash. You receive that portion of your Inheritance, in the form of an Inheritance Cash Advance. It's that simple. It's no longer necessary to wait for Probate, or your Trust Fund, to distribute your Inheritance funds, which generally takes nine to fifteen months; and in many cases a lot longer.

It is often possible to receive your Inheritance Cash Advance a few days after your application has been received by our office. In fact, most Inheritance Cash Advances are received by Heirs or Beneficiaries within 2 to 3 days after the Probate court or Trust paperwork has been received by our office. Paperwork may be submitted either by you, the Heir, or by the Probate attorney handling the Probate process for your Estate.

For Heirs of a Probate who need advance cash on their Inheritance now, rather than waiting for the Estate in Probate to close, Worldmine Financial Associates offers you an immediate Inheritance cash advance solution.

For Beneficiaries of a Trust or Trust Fund Inheritance, Worldmine provides an express route towards gaining access to part of your share of the Trust - as long as the Trust does not contain a "Spendthrift Provision" or "Spendthrift Clause."

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