If a project is poorly presented we will inform the client and suggest him/her to restructure the complete documentation to make it acceptable to a particular investor's underwriting conditions. Underwriting a file for funding varies with each lender after which a letter of intent may or may not be offered. After a duly executed letter of intent has been received by the lender, the next stage will be the due diligence and commitment process. On successful completion of the process, there will be the final funding letter and the last stage will be Escrow for the closing. 

Project Finance

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The information contained on this website does not represent any offer of Securities or the provision of Financial advice. We are not acting in the capacity of a Securities & Exchange Commission broker/dealer or investment advisor. The information herein is not intended for purpose of buying, selling, trading, recommending securities or offering counsel or advice with respect to any such activities. We are not licensed brokers or government employees and this information is of a private nature and is therefore deemed exempt from all Securities Acts. All information and materials on this website are for “PRIVATE CLIENT USE ONLY”. As Intermediaries, we are NOT Advisors of any kind. In providing Project Finance and related services, we are not in any way acting as legal, tax, accounting and / or professional adviser, or giving legal, tax or other professional advice. We strongly recommend that all clients obtain independent legal or tax advice, as appropriate from a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chartered Accountant (CA) firm, Attorney-at-Law, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or any other licensed professional as regulated by their State or Country. Our services are not offered to any person or persons, entity or entities in any jurisdiction, State or Country anywhere in the world where our services are prohibited by law or where any regulations require Worldmine Financial Associates, LLC to be subject to any registration or licensing requirements. Worldmine Financial Associates, LLC is a registered USA Company.

Worldmine Financial, LLC is a totally Independent Contractor associated with a global network of private and institutional investors. As facilitators we are directly connected to our investors and as intermediaries we are experienced in processing, underwriting and placing complete presentation proposals of large and medium size commercial projects as well as other financial services to our clients. We respond immediately providing a fast and efficient service with flexible loan structures. It usually takes 2 to 4 days to perform a detailed review. We then may provide you with a contractual arrangement for our services and if acceptable by both parties, we will prepare a presentation for the lender providing all the documentation is in place. 


Worldwide Financial  LLC is a global business development consultancy comprised of Management Accountants, Paralegals and other. Professionals with years experience in the Project Finance Lending Industry and are well versed in the lending procedures that are not commonly known to neophyte brokers and inexperienced applicants. 

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Commercial Loans National & International: 

Debt, Equity Capital, Mezzanine, for USA and International Commercial Real Estate Projects, Alternative Energy, Joint Ventures, Business Financing, 95% Loan to Cost Programs, Bridge Loans, Project Financing and Asset Based Loans. Project types are very comprehensive such as loans for purchase and  refinance of construction, acquisition and development, accounts receivables (business and medical), alternative energy, apartment buildings, churches, condominiums, town homes, precious metals, corporate expansion, energy, film industry, flagged and un-flagged hotels, hospitals, golf courses, senior assisted living, health care facilities, light industrial, storage facilities, parking facilities, real estate notes, purchase order financing, raw land, regional malls, renewable power, residential developments, manufacturing plants, resorts, restaurants, shopping centers, strip malls, theme parks, working capital, proof of funds, certificates of deposit etc. Financing starts nationally at US $5 Million and internationally from US $15 Million with no maximum. We may consider smaller requests depending on the viability of the project. The maximum limits will be dictated by the underwriting guidelines of the investor. We prefer projects with an investment of 35% equity input by the principals but will consider those projects with at least 10% injection of equity by the principals. For those projects with no equity, principals must be willing to invest at least a minimum of 10% cash in the project at the time a commitment is offered. The principals must also be able to cover the due diligence fees once a letter of intent or commitment is offered. Please contact us for more information regarding the 10% requirement. 

There are several areas in each process all of which must pass compliance then on to the final stage of closing which can take approximately from 30 to 45 days and up to 120 days after due diligence and commitment. We hope that in these pages you will find enough information that will give you the confidence in us to assist you with your funding success. Please take a moment to view our legal and privacy statement, then enjoy your visit. 


Our Business Model

Our clients do not have to commit to paying upfront finance provision fees.
If we do not provide finance for a project, we do not receive a success fee, so we are only interested in financeable projects.We operate strict applications procedures designed to eliminate applications for non-financeable projects before they generate administrative costs. For more information please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Unlike many providers in the project finance industry we do not charge up front finance provision fees. We obtain our commission as a success fee which is paid to us at the same time finance is placed with the project. This success fee model has a number of significant implications.