Worldmine Financial-Securities-Based Lending
Worldmine Financial-Securities-Based Lending
Worldmine Financial-Securities-Based Lending

Securities-Based Loans

Worldmine Financial offers the most straightforward, personal and customized solutions to borrowers in need of prompt financing. In recent years,we have executed hundreds of successful securities-based lending transactions world-wide, lending millions of dollars in the U.S. and abroad. Our proven and efficient process streamlines loan paperwork for a rapid and trouble-free experience.

We are supported by a national network of established, knowledgeable loan professionals and other expert financial, legal, and research support personnel to provide a simple financing solution to meet your borrower's needs. 

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 Securities-Based Line of Credit

As in Securities-Based Lending the Securities-Based Line of Credit program also allows the borrower to pledge their securities as collateral for the loan. However, with this lending platform the borrower maintains the account in their name (and under their control) and the borrower may trade or sell their securities.

This is a Line of Credit program with either variable or fixed rate re-payment plan and the loan may be repaid at any time with no pre-payment penalty.

Our lending partner is a top-tier US Bank/Investment Firm which has been in business for over 75 years and each account is SIPC insured.For a comparison of Securities-Based Lending and Securities-Based Line of Credit programs Click Here.  

Securities-Based Lending