This type of lending allows the borrower to use their stocks to obtain funds for personal or business use

Unacceptable Collateral
  • 401(K), IRA's or any restricted retirement fund
  • Control or Restricted Stock
  • Annuities
  • Gold or Silver Mines
  • Mines or Ming Projects
  • Oil or Gas Leases
  • Commodities
  • Private Notes or Private Bonds
  • Bonds that are past maturity
  • Bonds that are backed by gold
  • Bearer Bonds
  • Variable Structure Notes
  • Surety Bonds or any type of insurance instruments
  • Gems
  • Private Notes
  • Art
  • SKR's
  • Leased Instruments
  • Stocks or Bonds originating in the following countries:

 Africa, Bolivia, Greece, India, Iran, Iraq, N. Korea, S. Korea, Mainland  China, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Russia,  Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Venezuela

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 Acceptable Collateral
 *Stocks, EFT(s)

Loan To Value

CollateralLoan To Value Available
US Stocks ($.10 a share minimum)Up to 80%
Restricted Stock (N/A)N/A

Securities-Based Loan Guidelines


Type of LoanFixed Rate Loan
Interest Rate 

Starting at 2,50%-Depends

upon security pledged 

Loan to ValueSee chart bellow
Loan Terms3, 5. 7 and 10 years renewable
Loan Payment StructureInterest-Only quarterly loan repayment. Dividends(if applicable) are applied towardspayment
Minimum Loan Amount$100,000
Maximum Loan AmountNo Limit
Minimum Trade Volume
$50,000 average daily trading volume
Credit Check
Income VerificationNone
Pre-Payment Penalty
Lock Out Period
36 months pre-payment lockout
:Limited Recourse. Assets pledged may be liquidated 
Loan Origination Fee
Broker Origination Fee
.Up to 5 Points
Marketing Bonus
.50 to approved brokers
Processing Fee
Upfront Fee
Yearly Maintenance Fee
Call Point
80% of the loan amount