Underwriting Guidelines

Securities that qualify as collateral are publicly and actively traded stocks and ETF’s that are not restricted in any manner. 

What we are not able to use these as collateral:

• 401(k)'s, IRA's or any restricted retirement fund
• Money Market Accounts*
• CD's*
• Annuities
• Gold or silver mines
• Commodities
• CMO's
• SBLC's
• Bank Guarantees or Warranties
• Private Notes or private Bonds
• Bonds that are past maturity
• Bearer Bonds
• Variable Structure Notes*can be converted to cash then securities may be purchased and used as collateral.

Minimum loan amount is $100,000
Minimum loan term is 3 years
OTC: BB and “pink sheets” securities do qualify. 
Minimum average trading actively on stocks must be $50,000 per day. (Average volume x current share price.)

We do not ask for credit history, income or employment.

If you have any questions about what qualifies please contact us.

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