If your business needs money, you would be wise to seek our professional help. Hopefully, the advantages of using our services should outweigh any concerns that you may have and you should feel confident in outsourcing this part of your business. You should save both time and money that you could better spent elsewhere.

For all of us it will be a privilege to be at your service.

Your Wellbeing is our greatest asset! 

Utilize Worldmine’s Experience and Objectivity

While this may be the first time that you have looked into business financing, Worldmine Financial has the experience of many funding transactions. This means that we can help you determine which options are the best for you and answer any questions that you may have. The more experience an intermediary has, the more likely they are to have seen any situation that may come up. A broker can also offer objectivity because they are a third party to the deals being made.

Worldmine Financial can help you with many different types of financing options. Whether you are looking to expand your current business / project or purchase a new one, you can be more confident in the process with the help of our company



Why Worldmine

Best Terms and Rates

Chances are you only have a few banks that you know of that you would go to for business financing.  Most of these banks are local to your area. The problem with that is how you know you are getting the best offer that you can get. Or in the case if you’re denied financing from a local bank, what are your options after that event happens? By using a business loan intermediary like Worldmine Financial, we will analyze your situation and all the best options there are on the current financial market. Then we will present your financing request to a wide array of lenders and present to you the best possible offers. If you are denied financing from your local bank, Worldmine can often time find alternative types of lenders who will consider funding your business.

One of the main advantages of using Worldmine Financial for sourcing your business  finance is that they will do all the time-consuming shopping around for you. In the current  economic climate, lenders have become much more cautious about how much they lend and to whom, and Worldmine Financial can help you put a case together which is more likely to be successful. In a recent case from one of our associates, a client approached her after they had been turned down by their bank. Once our associate had looked through the deal and restructured it, it was then resubmitted to the client's bank who, this time, accepted it.

Worldmine Financial-Why Worldmine

Look at the whole business. Worldmine can help in securing a more flexible kind of finance so alternative arrangements could be made for equipment and other assets the business holds. If a     business owner wants to borrow to buy a business, rather than take out a large complicated loan. Worldmine Financial will look to see if some assets could be leased to release funds, or a factoring arrangement put in place to ease cash flow.

Commercial finance needs an expert Commercial finance professional.

Commercial finance is a complicated subject. Unlike standard residential mortgages, which have neatly defined rates and criteria, commercial finance is much more tailored  and requires a good degree of skill and experience to find the right deal, something which has become even more evident in the current market

Worldmine Financial-Why Worldmine

The benefits of using Worldmine Financial Associates services include:

  • Reduced stress and frustration. There are dozens of financiers and investors from which to choose, so why not let an expert like Worldmine handle the application process for you? These days the forms and other data that are required for a loan application can be quite complicated, so it is wise to hand the entire process over to a professional.
  • Fewer complications. A seasoned financial professional will have years of experience, and that will help him or her navigate the tricky financial process waters that lie ahead. Let us know-how work to your benefit.
  • The best deal possible. Although you may be tempted to apply for a loan on your own, by hiring Worldmine you are assured of getting the best interest rate, the best payment plan, the best deal in general. If you seek professional advice, Worldmine will be able to help you get the right kind of finance for your business.

When you are looking for financing for your current or future business you can find that many advantages come with getting help from our company. By having Worldmine Financial on your side you can improve your chances of finding the best terms and rates, have overall deal management, and utilize the skills that we have spent years working on.